Sexual and Marital Satisfaction among Vietnamese People

Trinh Thi Linh

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Given the context of sexual satisfaction studies in general as well as the correlation between sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction studies in particular are rather short in number in Vietnam, this study is to further research into the said topics upon 289 Vietnamese intellectuals respondents living and working in Hanoi. Utilizing marital satisfaction measurement sub-scale from the Dyadic Adjustment Scale of Spanier and self-designed sexual satisfaction based on Marital Satisfaction Inventory of Snyder, the results of this study recognized the moderate level of sexual and marital satisfaction of respondents. Independent Sample T-test did not show the significantly statistically difference between male and female upon these two dimensions. Linear regression analysis, using sexual satisfaction as the dependent variable recognizes a significant portion of the variation in marital satisfaction. However, it’s the same portion of the variation when using marital satisfaction as the dependent variable. Linear multiple regression also recorded the influence of the expectation on sex life of the intellectuals regarding their sexual satisfaction. Nonetheless, regarding the interrelation of the marital satisfaction, the dominance of the level of expectation to sexual satisfaction is insignificant. Some limitations of this study are also well pointed out from actual collected results.

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Linh, T. T. (2018). Sexual and Marital Satisfaction among Vietnamese People. International Journal of Social Sciences and English Literature, 3(1), 6-11.